Creativity and technology at the service of innovations with high market impact.

The objective of smart tourist destinations and smart work is to carry out a multidimensional, more efficient, more informed and more immediate management of companies and destinations, through the use of semantic technology, big data, neural networks, artificial intelligence, etc.

We help public and private agents to advance in the necessary digitization process to achieve their competitiveness and sustainability objectives, by offering comprehensive solutions: applications, commercial platforms, management programs, smart infrastructures, biometrics, wearables, blockchain, web developments, gamification , geolocation, developments in virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.

What we do

  • Cluster development.
  • Innovation Management.
  • Circular economy.
  • Gamification.
  • Technological consulting.
  • Smart destinations.
  • ICT developments.

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We dedicate a large amount of our time and resources to researching and developing our own tools and methods.

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